20 March 2011

My Week In Pictures

 Found A Danish Pik Cake Lurking In London

Made Friends With A Yeti

Saw Legally Blonde, The Musical...And It Was FUNNY

 Attended The Prima Baby Fashion Awards And Ate/Drank Like a QUEEN

 Peed In A Space Pod At Sketch

Bought A Hat And A Necklace And Tried On The Kimono I've Been Longing For...Then Was A Dweeb And Took Pictures In The Changeroom.

Saw A Man Dog In Covent Garden

 Went to the National Portrait Gallery And Was Scolded For Taking Pictures

 Read A Billy Connolly Quote That Made Me Smile


Sarah said...

Gorgeous little blog you've got here Leotie! Great pics, where did you get your floppy hat? I need one in my life! (If I can find one big enough to fit my huge head!) XXXX
Burn the Blonde

Sarah said...

Sorry, Holly! ;) X

Leotie Lovely said...
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Victoria said...

Is that what English called cream tea. I remember trying those in Devon. They where so lovely! and with a cup of great english tea.mmmm yummy I want one now.
BTW My favourite H&M store in London is the one in high street kensington! they always had great stuff there! I miss that shop :( x cute blog

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

love these! x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?