16 April 2011

I Want Trousers Like My Mum Had

While 'new blog' hunting the other night, I came across www.bleachblack.com, a clever little blog full of great finds, and found my eyes drawn immediately to a post they had done on Novella Royale, a shop that creates (among other things) handmade, one of a kind, bell bottom draw string trousers made from vintage fabric, which in turn, reminded me of my mother.

I have a distinct memory of my mother, when she was 34 and I was 10. She came to pick me up from school, and, in the time I had been in classes, she had transformed from the long haired, hemp wearing hippie I had always known her as, to a chicer version of herself with a fresh pixie cut, mauve tank top, vintage necklace, black sunglasses and thrifted patterned trousers to match her tank, that looked almost exactly like these:

Now, 15 years later, I want trousers like my mum had that day and perhaps a few pairs more......

1 comment:

kat @ featherfactor said...

Don't we always wish we had saved a few more things from our mom's closets? Very cool pants :)