14 November 2011

Fashion + Sentiment + Art = LØV

I almost never post videos. But I can't express my admiration for LØV, which showcases Vanessa Bruno's AW11-12 collection, is directed by Stephanie Di Giusto, and stars my biggest fashion crush, Kate Bosworth.

This video is an emotional fashion show of the most artistically pleasing variety ...

video found on a blog wander via http://thegoodshot.blogspot.com/


MONIQUE said...

Hi my love. I'm reposting. I have to. I love this. Adult Narnia/Scandi/Fashion LOVE.

Brenlee said...

good share, holly. so good!!

MONIQUE said...

Thanks Holly! Means so much to me!

Blaine said...

Hey Holly!

Kristin mentioned you have a blog, love the new look!

Heres another moody fashion film short I like:
(Elle Fanning- Rodarte)

And a funny one, a promo:

Anyway, just thought I'd share and say hello!


Leotie Lovely said...

Yup! like both of those shares! Thanks Rayna! xx

Her Eyes Are Wild said...

I LOVE Vanessa Bruno & I love this video! :)