TODAY'S GREEN MANTRA: I shall protect my body and the planet from hidden chemicals within

Day 46 / 365

We, as a species, have evolved from an organism which celebrated all things natural, to a species of ignorance which celebrates the unnatural selfish excess of our creations, even when claiming to be 'enlightened'.

So much so we've forgotten where we began, forgotten what actually sustains us: the earth we walk on, the air that we breath, the community of organisms which allow our eco system (and us) to continue to exist, mother's milk (which unlike the formulas don't contain cornstarch linkedto cancers), and the menstrual cycle which prepares the body for pregnancy, and therefore human existence, each and every month, since the dawn of our species' existence ...

Despite these facts, somehow our governments and the companies who scurry around over and under them have done everything they can to try an convince us that the only way you 'get through' your monthly visitor is to insert and ingest their chemically tainted, earth harming, unethical products

These products contain as many health harming chemicals as our clothing, but instead of the chemicals seeping into our bloodstream through our pores (as it does with our apparel), they seep in through our vaginal walls, sometimes killing their victims if left in for too long (TSS causes organ damage, shock and has killed thousands of women since the 70s when Tampons were first put on the shelves)

Pads and tampons contain plastic chemicals and BPA's that can cause a plethora of unwanted diseases, namely heart disease and cancer. Similar to fabric in clothing, cotton in pads and tampons has traces of pesticides and GMOS which are absorbed into your blood system and can affect your reproductive system. To top it off, the plastics in these products won't break down, which means all of the 16,800 tampons each women is estimated tohave used in her lifetime will end up in the landfill wreaking havoc on the environment. Menstrual visits  alone bring an estimated 200,000 tonnes of garbage to the landfill each year

I feel like it is still taboo to talk about periods publicly, even after Rupi Kaur's essay on normalization which women around the world raised their fists up in unison to support, but like all thing, her tapered off and quieted down.

But it's time for us women to unite under the idea that our periods are part of our natural cycle and though they may be inconvenient and uncomfortable at times, they are a rhythm to be proud of and create a greater connection to our bodies and ourselves as women, and as a species.

No company has the right to poison us with harmful chemicals, nor pollute the mother who bore us all in the process. By casting a vote with your wallet, you're casting a vote for your sacred center, the very thing that creates and gestates all human life, and you're creating a demand for natural products and conscious creations from corporations and beyond which protect our planet as well.

I've rallied up some options which should bring you greater wisdom on the subject and keep your lady bits safe.


[THE CUP] What About It? It is reusable and lasts up to 12 hours (without the fear of TSS). You just have to take it out and clean it every morning and night, it comes in a little pouch so you can keep it with you when you're not using it.
Eco + Ethical How? It's reusable and made to last a good while
Downside? It's made of silicon which means it won't decompose at the end of its lifetime (but it is better than a 16,000 strong pile non-decomposing pads and tampons!)
Which Brand? My fellow Ethical Writer's Coalition gals recommend both the DIVA CUP and the Moon Cup, my naturopath in Winnipeg, Dr. Turner, recommends the MOON CUP over the Diva Cup, as does Selva Beat as it offers cleansing accessories without any conflict palm-oil.

[HOLY SPONGE] What About It? Sea sponges are completely natural and an awesome option for your menstrual flow.
Eco + Ethical How? Sea sponges are sustainably harvested from the coast of Florida and can be used for up to 3-6 cycles each. They are soft, absorbent, and easy to clean and can be composted at the end of their lifecycle.
Downside? You have to come in contact with your own menstrual blood while rinsing the sponge which might take a bit of getting used to, but seeing the quality and quantity of your blood will increase your connection to your own body and serves as an indication of your overallhealth. 
Which Brand? HOLY SPONGE is the only choice I know of that my lady friends recommend. 

[REUSABLE MENSTRUAL PADS] What About It? Menstrual pads are great if you've got a heavy flow, just had a baby, or prefer not to insert, they work just like a conventional pad, but can be reused.
Eco + Ethical How? There are tons of different reusable pads on the market, be sure to make sure the textiles used in the ones you buy are fair trade, organic, or recycled to ensure you're not getting chemically infused objects and are keeping your environmental impact to a low.
Downside? It's reusable so you're going to have to clean it, but again, seeing the quality and quantity of your blood will increase your connection to your own body and serves as an indication of your overall health. 
Which Brand? A HIPPIE ADVENTURE is a wonderful eco friendly choice with various options of thickness for you to choose from, same goes for HOLY SPONGE.

[NATURAL TAMPONS] What About It? Thousands of women have died from Toxic ShockSyndrome because of the ideal environment unnatural materials conventionaltampons create for staph bacteria to flourish. Conventional tampons are full of chemicals, including bleach and other manmade materials which are foreign to our body and are ingested by our incredibly absorbent vaginal walls.
Eco + Ethical How? They're made with organic (pesticide and chemical free) materials which will likely be able to return to the earth, plus they're perfume free and chlorine free.
Downside? You're still going to have to change them every 4-8 hours but at least they won't try to kill ya.
Which Brands? SEVENTH GENERATIONS' organic cotton tampons. 

[PERIOD PANTS] What About It? These are absorbent underwear that look like normal knickers but can absorb up to 2 tampons worth of liquid without leaking. 
Eco + Ethical How? (the ones recommended below) are made with organic natural fibres meaning no pesticides or GMOS and less waste as these are reusable and washable. The PACT version are fair trade, sweat-shop free and made with organic cotton.
Downside? It's reusable so you're going to have to clean it, but again, seeing the quality and quantity of your blood will increase your connection to your own body and serves as an indication of your overall health.  
Which Brands? PACT has a version as well as LUNA PANTIES

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