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While I worked on preparing gift guides of stuff and things for children to open under the tree, I started thinking about the donations post I had partook in as part of Ethical Writers Coalition and realized that though each not for profit suggested protects the world our children will inherit, gifting to say, the Environmental Protection Agency on a child's behalf is not something they might understand.

Children care dearly about animals, they also care about other children, empathy and love is something they can understand and relate to. So, as a special addition to the onslaught of gift guides I've created, I'd like to offer some donation ideas which you can offer to the little ones you love in lieu of, or in addition to, a physical gift.

- 5 Donation Ideas For Children's Gifts - 

BORN FREE | Adopt Giraffe Family | £2.50 / month 
This not for profit comes highly recommended by the editor of Out of Wilderness magazine, Jacalyn Beales, she is an expert in wildlife protection. You get a personalized adoption certificate, cuddly giraffe, full-colour glossy photo of your giraffe family, adoption papers, twice yearly updates, window sticker, born free folder.
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WWF | Species Protection | £3 / month 
Protect some of the world's most vulnerable animals by adopting one for £3 a month. There are a ton of animals in need of adoption and you receive a little toy version of the animal and little updates about the animal for your little someone to learn about the animal and their environment. 
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SAVE THE CHILDREN | Sponsor A Child | $1 / day
Make a lasting change in a child's life, in the United State or around the world by helping provide nutrition and health, childhood development and education. I think sponsoring a child who is around the same age as the child you're donating on behalf of will help the child to relate and empathize with the sponsored child. I think it also opens up the conversation to children about gratefulness, by explaining to them that not all children have the same opportunities, care and education as them.
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OXFAM GIFTS | Unwrapped Charity Projects | $various
This site is set up super well for kids with fun gift giving ideas for various projects. You can help a refugee family for $30.00, help build a children's school for $1,500, plant a vegetable garden for $30.00, give a dozen chicks for $45.00, and so on. Each of the gifts are illustrated with quirky cards and adorable pics which are mailed to you in a card as a physical reminder of the donation.
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DAVID SHELDRICK WILDLIFE TRUST | Adopt An Animal | $50.00 / year
This charity is dedicated to the preservation of orphaned and endangered animals including elephants, rhinos and giraffes which have been orphaned due to the hunting / tusk industry. You pay an annual fee of $50.00 and select the particular animal you will support by learning of their story through photos and videos shared. You'll receive an email certificate and photos of the animal as well as updates on their wellbeing.
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