Day 258 / 365

So I'm not a bazillionare - I'm extremely far from it, BUT, if I was a bazillionaire and if my family wasn't so outrageously large, I would be stuffing each and every one of my parents, step parents, in-law parents, brothers, brother-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law and niece and nephew's stockings with each and every one of the items below. For now though, due to budget restraints, one of the nine will have to do. 

These are the items that I've either had a longtime love affair with or I have found has helped me reduce waste considerably, and which I've developed a newfound love affair with. They're items I've written about throughout the year so if you want to see my full ode to each object, just click on through.

P.S - Lead image is of a recycled sari xmas stockings from Decorator's Notebook on sale HERE


SCHMIDTS | Spruce & Spice Deodorant | $8.99
Eco + Ethical How? I wrote a post on this brand HERE, their products are made in Portland, OR using all natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients. They came out with a Spruce & Spice version for the holiday season and it makes it smell like Christmas in your pits.
Where To Buy? Schmidt's Website HERE

RADIUS | Dental Floss | $3.79
Eco + Ethical How? I wrote a post HERE on dental floss and was surprised at how much it affects the environment. There are very limited solutions but breaking up with nylon string is the simplest solution for reducing our output of waste. The radius floss comes in a plastic container though, which is super frustrating, but can be recycled into something else (though recycling still has impacts on the planet, so it’s not a solution either). They sell a vegan floss too but it is made of nylon, so only their silk one is a sustainable solution. If you're in Europe click HERE and scroll to the bottom for another great brand. 
Eco + Ethical How? It takes over 1,000 years for a single toothbrush to decompose. And that's being optimistic. We tend to replace our toothbrushes every 3 months in the Western world, with additional replacements if we get sick. Which means Billions of plastic toothbrushes reach landfills globally each year, and they will never biodegrade. Brushing with bamboo means you're using a sustainably sourced item which can biodegrade. You can read more about bamboo toothbrushes HERE
Where To Buy? On Amazon HERE. 

KLEAN KANTEEN | Water Bottle | $18.50 +
Eco + Ethical How? I'm a super big fan of Klean Kanteen and love that they offer options for children which like all their products are reusable, safe, healthy, and toxin-free (BPA free). They're easy to clean and don't leak so you can avoid plastic water bottles and waste creation. Read my article on them HERE.
Where To Buy? 

KLEAN KANTEEN | Food Canister | $29.56 +
Eco + Ethical How? I'm a super big fan of Klean Kanteen and love that they offer options for children which like all their products are reusable, safe, healthy, and toxin-free (BPA free). They're easy to clean and don't leak so you can avoid making waste by packing your food up for lunch, travel or whatever.  
Where To Buy? 

KEEP CUP | Coffee Cup | £10.00 +
Eco + Ethical How? I have a big crush on these cups and bring one of them everywhere with me. Coffee cups take 50 years to break down due to the polyethylene plastic which keeps the paper cup intact. This is true for Starbucks and every other company selling to-go coffees anywhere in the world, even your local hipster joint with those clever quotes and moustached men are contributing to the problem. You can read my full post on the subject of Coffee Cups HERE
Where To Buy? Selfridges GB HERE / Amazon US HERE.

A BEAUTIFUL REFUGE | Tote Bag | $20.00 
Eco + Ethical How? Each item produced by A Beautiful Refuge is screen printed by women in the social enterprise  Safe Refuge. They're selected and trained in a studio she helped build. The t-shirts and totes come from THE most eco-friendly t-shirt brand I know of, Earth Positive, who are exemplary in their demonstration of the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards from cradle to cradle. Read my post on the environmental benefits of tote bags HERE
Where To Buy?

URU | Socks | €39.99
Eco & Ethical How? A Conscious brand making interchangeable, unisex, intentionally mismatched ‘same, same but different’ socks made ethically from organic cotton, covers all the concerning bases. Each pack of their SOLO socks even comes with a spare sock in its pack for when that black hole or evil gnome eats one out of your perfectly sorted collection.They even come with a little tray for your dresser which helps you keep your sock stash organized and united and reduces (packaging) waste while you're at it.
Where To Buy? ** Get 10% off your order by using the discount code HOLLY at the checkout.

ME UNDIES | Underwear | $20.00
Eco & Ethical How? My brother-in-law introduced us to this brand. Their carbon-neutral method of converting sustainably harvested beechwood pulp into silky modal yarn which not only stretches and molds to the body, but lasts. According to my husfriend these are the most comfortable underwear he's ever worn, and I'd agree, their lace thongs have effectively changed my life for the better.
Eco & Ethical How? If you have a need for headphones, you probably like music, and therefore probably know this name. Bob Marley's relatives created a company called House of Marley with a full line of over, on and in-ear headphones made from sustainable materials and FSC certified woods. To top all that goodness off your purchases support the 1LOVE foundation which is dedicated to giving back through charities that empower individuals to take action for sustainable and responsible living. I bought my husfriend a pair a few years back and they're, according to him, the best headphones he's owned (these and the MeUndies above have captured his heart! I own a pair of the in-ear ones which have thus far lasted me 3 years without a single tangle (they're wrapped in fabric so they don't fray!)
Where To Buy? Amazon

P.S - Lead image is of a recycled sari xmas stocking from Decorator's Notebook on sale HERE