Day 266 / 365

Our cat chose us, not the other way around, and thus, despite the fact my eyes get itchy every time she/he comes to hang, I've accidently grown to love the little moocher. 

We've had her for about four months, she came to us through the skylight in our bathroom and bedroom. At first, he/she'd just stick her head through and meow incessantly, once she jumped right in, then finally, he/she started coming to our apartment door through the upstairs window in the stairwell and meow at the door. Eventually, we started letting her in. Then we started buying cat food, and now /heshe's basically part of the furniture. 

We named the cat Flaco because she was so skinny when she found us, but over the past few months, he/she's grown into a little chubster. I suspect my husfriend is a feeder. We haven't really bought her/him anything except for food because she's a street cat and doesn't show up regularly, like most cats, she/he does what she pleases with whomever she/he wants. We've donated a blanket to her/him to help me deal with the cat hair issue that plagues my eyeballs, and she's got her own dish for food, but apart from that, our headphone cords and computer cables are her only toys and I've started feeling kind of bad about that.

So I decided, with what I promise will be the last gift guide of the year, to see if there were some eco + ethical things I could get her/him to help her/him feel more at home. I included some dog things too for those of you who have chosen to befriend the kinder breed. 

- 7 Eco + Ethical Gifts For Cats & Dogs - 
Eco + Ethical How? These cute and ever so stylish cat caves are handmade using 100% merino wool, natural olive soap and water. Perfect for keeping the fur balls under control and the cat cosy.
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Eco + Ethical How? This hand-embroidered prawn made ethically in England is filled with high strength, organic catnip.
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Eco + Ethical How? Made from the finest human grade ingredients these wheat and gluten-free treats are spiced with ginger and cinnamon which is said to be good for the digestive system and said to reduce travel sickness. Honey is also added for its antiseptic properties.
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Eco + Ethical How? Wild Wash's natural WildWash products contain No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Phosphates, No Petrochemicals, No Sulphates and No PEGs. They use 100% Pure Essential Oils – No Extracts, Infusions, Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic Fragrances. They guarantee there is No Animal Testing on any of our products, nor on any of the ingredients they contain. All their products are Made In England. 
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Eco + Ethical How? Each of their rope toys is made from natural and organic cotton thread which has been hand tied through ethical production practices. 
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Eco + Ethical How? Made out of bone china these can biodegrade at the end of their lifecycle