Day 272 / 365

My husfried is a man of few shoes, he has a dress shoe, and a now extremely worn out Birkenstock and until relatively recently, that was it. He’s got a bad back and thus needed to source two pairs of shoes (as you’re not meant to wear the same one every day) that are well-made and would stand up to daily wear and tear, but also suit his style and are kind to the planet. 

- 5 Sustainable Men's Sneaker Brands - 

Eco + Ethical How? Each pair of these shoes are made ethically, using sustainable materials, and a tree is planted for every pair sold. Though the canvas they use isn’t organic, the owner Ben, whose father passed away from acute leukemia likely caused by being to exposed to pesticides as a child on the family farm, is working towards replacing the local canvas they source with organic canvas in the next few years. Until then, this company is doing as good and green as it can with its current creations. My husfriend has a pair of these (pictured) and adores em’.

Eco + Ethical How? It's no secret Veja is one of my favourite brands in France, they make their products through sustainable practices using ecologically tanned leather, organic cotton, and wild rubber from the Amazon, paying their co-operative cotton growers and rubber tappers between 30% and 100% above the world market price. Each piece is produced through fair pay and good working conditions and supports communities both here in France and in South America. My husfriend and I both own a pair and love them dearly.
Where To Buy?

Eco + Ethical How? This family owned business sells fairtrade organic sneakers (amongst other things). They have great programs for worker empowerment and transparency with the producer groups they work with in developing countries under fair wages.

Eco + Ethical How? This brand repurposes old tyres to create new soles for their shoes, diverting toxic tyres from the landfills and making what is old or new again. As a certified B Corporation their shoes are produced ethically under their standards.

Eco + Ethical How? Nae uses sustainable shoe materials including recycled PET from bottles, OEKO-TEX® certified microfibres, recycled car tyres, natural cork, recycled thermoplastic and pineapple leaf fibre to make their shoes then line them with materials which are made with carbon- neutral manufacturing.