Leotie Lovely is my ever-evolving guide to living more consciously. I believe that in order to be the change we wish to see, each individual needs to learn the circular story behind every object they purchase or use, and I’ve dedicated myself to recounting that narrative. I try to weave together an aesthetic and digestible tale about the people, places, and products which provide sustainable solutions for our lives and planet. Each story is a new discovery on my own path towards a greater state of eco-wisdom and ethical awareness and unearths technologies and businesses which problem solve pollution. My hope is to guide my readers to vote for positive change with their dollar and motivate businesses of all sizes to overhaul their production processes for the greener good. I look to the wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples who, along with my mother, are responsible for my Love, respect, and understanding of the earth. The name ‘Leotie’ means ‘Prairie Flower’, a word belonging to the Sioux who are native to the Southern prairies of Canada, including my home province of Manitoba. ‘Leotie’ is a reflection of my borrowed heritage, and serves to instil respect for Indigenous people, their culture, nature, and the earth.

Most of the photography you find on my blog is shot by myself or my husfriendShane Woodward, with an iPhone 5S or a Canon Mark III.

I am a freelance writer and ethical clutch designer, I also do a bit of acting and voiceover work on the side, and do freelance work as a creative director for special projects too.

Leotie (lee.oh.tea) means prairie flower. As a child, my mum let me help choose my sister’s middle name when she was born. I was 4 at the time and became fixated on the idea that Emma ‘Flower’ Rose should be her name. But ‘Flower’ was too broad a word for that little lady, so we perused books of horticulture, discovering alternative floral names.  My mum came across ‘Leotie’, a word belonging to the Sioux who are native to the Northern prairies of the United States and Southern prairies of Canada, including our home province of Manitoba. ‘Leotie’ is a reflection of our borrowed heritage, and has served to instil respect for Indigenous people and their culture, as well as nature and the earth, in my sisters and I.

I am from Winnipeg, Canada but have been living in London, England on and off for the past 10 years. I currently live in Paris, France with my husband. We split our time between here and his hometown, San Antonio, Texas.

I'm currently a member of the Ethical Writers & Creatives Coalition and The People Label Network. There are a plethora of inspiring writers and creatives in both groups worth clicking through to admire.