1. Tipped Off: I never questioned the frothy milk at the end of the pint in The House of VeRoNa, just quietly wondered why it was. Then one fine Saturday, my flatmate Ella (owner of skinniebelle.com) altered my instant coffee life forever, in the form of a trick learnt from a model/poet named Scott Temple. Click on my first ever Vine vid to see my frightfully dodgy 'How To'.

2. Buying Better: There are plenty of ways to spend your hard earned cash, so ya may as well find a way to spend it better. Sevenly donates $7 of each product profit from e-commerce sales towards their chosen weekly cause, in hopes of raising social awareness and connecting donors to charities which speak to them.

3. Watch Me Nah: I've been eyeing up Pandeia (who wouldn't want the greek goddess of the full moon round her wrist?) collection of compass/sundial wrist watches since I came across them on an Instagram wander. One of these handcrafted made-to-order pieces created will be mine one day (me thinks Obsidian is my fav)

4. Anti-Love: There are many things in this world that make no logical sense, one of which is gay rights, specifically the lack thereof. My friend Donnell (amazing Moksha yoga teacher and IPWN yogi) brought my attention to this video which raises awareness of the discriminatory Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) which threatens to separate married gay and lesbian bi-national couples due to expiring visas or deportation.

5. Kickstart My Yoga Heart: This week's #FiverOnFriday investment is another kickstarter company, Kenai, who plans to upcycle 10 football fields of plastic trash into yoga pants, which are pill, tear, rip and fade resistant and come complete with a 10-year warranty. Watch out Lulu Lemon...