Day 2 / 365

I'm a sucker for the extended hot shower, I've been known to spent 30 minutes to an hour in the little slice of heaven that hot water, and plenty of it, provides. When I was 10, I designed a house that was basically one big shower, I loved the idea of always being warm.

I could blame growing up in Canada for my warped warmth based dream house, but the true reason my 10-year-old self dreamt of abusing my water privileges, and my current self still often does, is because here in our blissful western world we don't have to worry about water or its availability, even for those of us, like me, who grew up poor.

We don't spend much time thinking about it. It is available, drinkable, and clean wherever we go. Which is something to celebrate in many ways. But is also the root of our ignorance.

Water is a limited resource, and the kind that is fit for us to drink, wash, or aid in our food's growth, makes up less than 1% of all the water on Earth. When we let the tap run, we waste 6 litres of that precious water per minute. That's around 35,000 litres of water per year just brushing our damn teeth. Never mind the shower, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the hose ... the list goes on. We must learn to be grateful for the access we have to it (there are one billion people on our planet who don't have access to clean water) and learn to treat this gift with respect. It's a simple easy fix which requires zero investment too, just an edited habit to practice.

Dishes: Soap the dishes (with a wet sponge and the water off) piling the dishes on the side (with the water off) then rinse, rather than filling the sink with water.
Shower: Keep it short (like 5 min) and turn the water off while you're soaping and shaving and shampooing.
Teeth: Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth.
Toilet: If it's yellow let it mellow ...
Kettle: When you're making a hot drink fill up the cup you're using, and warm only that water.
Hose: She wastes 6 gallons of water per minute... use it sparingly if necessary.
Car Wash: There are some car washes that use recycled water, find yourself one if you might clean up your gas guzzler.
Washing Machine: Use your eco setting and make sure you're doing a full load each time you wash.

There's a great eco, ethical, biodegradable brand of bathroom products called "STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!" which will help you remember to turn 'er off. (pictured above and below)

Teach them to turn it off too so they don't develop our horrid habits. There's a cute site here called Water Sense which is geared towards children with activities and ideas. National Geographic Kids is a great resource too.

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