Day 129 / 365

As a lifelong silviculturist of the forest which, since my teens, has rooted itself in my skin, I can speak with great expertise on the subject of arboriculture, or at the very least, hair removal.

I've tried just about every technique for hair removal; from lasers and Nair, to waxing and shaving, none of which are eco-friendly, with none worse than the disposable razor. 

In the US, two billion disposable razors go to landfill each year (in the US). Because they’re made of plastics that do not break down. In fact, each piece of plastic ever created is still in existence, which is why it is no surprise multiple gyres of floating plastic, as big as the U.S.A, have swelled up in our oceans.

Say "nope" / "never" / "no damn way" to plastic and replace those naughty nick-ers with a safety razor instead. It’s much more aesthetically pleasing, plus you’ll save money and the planet in the process.

I got myself a Kent Razor (pictured) but literally ANY safety razor will do. You can recycle (endlessly) your stainless steel blades which cost about a buck a pack and will last you a good while (I use about one per month). 

To recycle your disposable stainless steel razor blades place them in an old soup can and place them in your recycling bin when it is full (tightly sealed so the blades cannot fall out and injure workers). If your curbside recycling programme doesn't offer stainless steel recycling, look online and find out where you can drop them off. 

You can find the same razor I bought here: otherwise, there are tons to choose from on and offline, any of them will do.

If you aren't a fan of the saftey razor, try one of these made out of recycled (and recyclable) plastic:


photo: Shane Woodward
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