I had a conversation recently with a friend about 'noise' on the internet and our disillusion with the world of social media, where meaningless captions, emojis and 'follow/like’ bots rule; creating a hollowness filled with clatter rather than community.

It seems the whole world, bloggers and brands especially, have developed a need to be 'seen' without really having much to say. Many posting content for the sole sake of having content (myself included) in the endless race to increase reign over invisible, and in many cases, avatar filled kingdoms.

The pressure to look ‘successful’ online is real, yet the effect of that pressure, caused by lack of vulnerability is altering the state of the world, disabling people from thinking independentlydamaging self-esteem and encouraging separation rather than unity.

This conscious community I’m a part of is meant to raise and rise the woke, yet we haven’t collectively found a way to be truly unique. The industry has become competitive rather than collaborative, mimicking the triangular shape of all that we work against rather than reshaping sharp edges to something more circular. Killing the climb and releasing the wave of unity forward.  
The way I see it, from my admittedly judgmental point of view, the changes needed must rise from the community who will lead it and that itself will have to be a collaborative effort with an open exchange of ideas and progressive action of the collective group. Right now, social media perpetuates careless consumption, even consciously created products must find a way to promote and sell so they might create a sustainable foundation for the industry itself to naturally regenerate from. But in order for consumption to change, we need to change the way we’re communicating about it.

On Instagram there are 80 million photos posted daily – just to put that in perspective, and outline the influence, that’s about 4x the amount of votes cast in the most recent U.S election. Instagram has a huge influence over society, western and beyond, and if the lifestyle being most promoted and responded to is the one that’s causing so much harm then it’s the way we work the system that has to change before the system gets shook up.

In order to get the attention needed to grow, we as a community are forced to mimic the aesthetics of mainstream content creators with a tenth of the budget. The pure fight of it keeps it all floating but evolution stalled. We’re stuck with what works instead of having the time and energy to discover what works better. Mirroring the state of the world as a whole, both inside and out of internet based portals.  

The easiest and least political way to revolutionise the world is to unite and create a new way of being. But to create a revolution, on social media or off, you need to unite people around a shared purpose to help that mutter to rumble to a roar.

From brands to consumers we need to find a way to pull each other up to the same level, giving strength to the community overall. Though I don’t have the answer, I do have an idea for a few steps forward, from brand, to publisher, to consumer, a sort of detox program.
Disengage with the enemy. If the enemy is consumption and consumption is encouraged and promoted through our engagement with and support of fast fashion, fast food and celebrity culture - then unroll yourself from all that causes you to act rashly on that level. Detox your inbox with UNROLL ME, unfollow (using this app) those who promote and encourage you to shop irresponsibly, and attempt as a goal to avoid purchasing products which cause harm through production to the planet or its inhabitants in any way. Fill your fancy with bloggers and magazines that do good, I’ve got a list of my favourites listed HERE which I wholeheartedly respect and whom will be strengthened by your likes, hearts, comments and clicks. Also, check what you’re buying before you buy it. GOOD ON YOU APP //  PROJECT JUST // EWG APP // DONE GOOD PLUGIN (which gives you alternatives to fast fashion brands you land on) are good places to start to begin becoming informed about what you’re used to purchasing.

Stop creating crap with crap people. If you’ve gone as far as to create a product which considers the health of the planet and ethical treatment of its inhabitants continue on that path in every step you take. From tradeshows, photoshoots, mailing, social media and so on, you need a story and that story needs to be in constant fluctuation, digestion and growth.  

Join FAIR PHOTO AGENCY and collaborate with likeminded local photographers in a way that creates images to support your creations which are unique, identity-driven and meaningful. Something which connects to people’s deepest passions and their sense of right and wrong. Anchor this in what really matters and how it will create a better world.
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Don’t just hire a run of the mill ‘new face’ model. Hire women and men who have a voice in the conscious community, perhaps using the awesome directory from MODELS OF COMPASSIONOr shake things up and don’t hire a ‘professional’ model at all. Hire someone you respect and adore who can be a spokesperson for your brand creating more reach and meaning for your content and creations while adjusting what ‘beauty’ means in this world.

Hire makeup artists, stylists and hairdressers who use natural brands. Mutually support those people by tagging them and the brands they are using through social media to enhance your investment in the community and its support.

Collaborate in your creative output with other conscious people, including your model/spokesperson, stylist, makeup artist and photographer. Multiple minds are better than one, or at least that’s how the saying goes. This also ensures the talent you are invested in will feel invested in you in return, reshaping the flow of the industry as a whole so it might continue to bloom and grow.

What are you actually saying and why? Ask yourself as you produce each piece whether what you’re sharing adds value and information or if you’re just making noise. Copy less and create slower. The more burnt out we all become from the rat race the less creative content we can produce. Though there is a time and place for shopping guides and top 10s, it shouldn’t define who you are. Vulnerability is the key, I wholeheartedly encourage you to let it flow.
conscious community, fair photo agency, unroll me, blogger burnout, crowdfire app, good on you app, ewg app, ethical writers, ethical bloggers, ethical consumers, conscious consumers, circular collaboration, flexonomy, models of compassion, kent, sheep, british countryside


*SPONSORED POST: This post was written with the support of FAIR PHOTO AGENCY who sponsored this post. It is through brands like this which invest in my work that I’m able to invest time and research into these thoughts and my hopes for being a pebble amongst the sea of the conscious community growth. I don't receive any editorial direction from brands I work with, and any opinions shared as well as the story direction is mine (and Shane's). Any facts used to support my opinions or provide information can be found in the source links above.